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My name is Chandee and I am a 28-year-old with a passion for adventure and creating imagery. For the last six years, I have been traveling the world non-stop. 'Non-stop' meaning I have not stayed in the same city for more than two weeks since 2012!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, if you wish to ask anything please send me an email at [email protected]

About / FAQ

Where are you from? 

I’m half Thai and half New Zealander. I grew up in Auckland but Bangkok is my second home. My family are all spread out in Auckland, Melbourne and Bangkok. Between my travels I am based in Dubai.

What do you do for a job that allows you to travel all time? 

I have worked as a flight attendant for Emirates airline for almost six years. I usually travel to 5-6 countries each month and once a month I try to go somewhere by myself (not work related).

How many countries have you visited? 

I have lost count but it’s definitely over 50 countries (and still counting!)

Why do you live in Dubai? What’s it like? 

Emirates is based in Dubai so I moved here in 2012. Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city full of expats. I personally find it a very safe and luxurious place to live - we’re so spoilt here! The beginning was a bit challenging as I didn’t know a single person when I moved over so I have learned to become very independent. Now I feel completely at home and don’t want to leave. And like anywhere in the world, it’s what you make of it.

Where do you usually travel to? 

The airline I work for flies to over 120 destinations all over the world so I could be going almost anywhere... Each month I can request for certain places that I want and I can also swap flights with my colleagues. I usually get nice destinations and get to see my family at least once a month so I’m really grateful for that.

Who do you travel with? 

I am very lucky to have friends located all over the world. Many of my friends have moved overseas and I also have friends who travel and work in the same industry as me. I like to surround myself with inspiring, positive people who have an open mind. And sharing your overseas experiences with these kind of people is what makes it extra special.

I also spend a lot of time traveling on my own. Sometimes I prefer to travel solo, and unless you've done it yourself you probably won't understand how both empowering and humbling of an experience it is. Especially when you're a female traveling to countries that other people are afraid of going to. I have travelled to some of my most favourite destinations alone including Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Oman. 

Who takes your photos? 

I take most of my own photos using a tripod and a wireless shutter release. A few of my friends are photographers/photo enthusiasts so sometimes they will help me. I have two DSLR cameras - a Canon 6D Mark II and a Canon 600D. I tend to shoot very wide, landscape imagery so most of the time I am using a wide angle lens. I edit on my desktop in Lightroom using my own custom filters. I’m not a professional photographer - I studied photography when I was in high school but other than that, everything I know was self taught.

What is your most favourite place you’ve visited? 

My most favourite country in the world is Turkey - I absolutely adore Cappadocia and Istanbul. My second favourites would have to be Jordan and Oman.

Do you have a blog?

I have thought about starting a blog, however I just don't have the time and I'm not that keen on writing. Perhaps in the future, but for now I prefer to share my stories through my images.

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